Elephant Convoy - New Singles

Check out the new music from Elephant Convoy below!


Elephant Convoy out of Wilmington, NC has made massive moves this year. Playing shows with Signal Fire, Sun Dried Vibes, Treehouse, Feel Free,  Tatanka, The Movement, and The Expendables, along with many others; the band has grown to have their own roots reggae sound. Convoy also played some great Festivals this year from Irie Vibes Music Fest to The Give Thanks Reggae Fest showing a much more electric performance with each show.

The band released their first album in 2015, “Foundation”. This album gave light to a deep rootsy sound that has been a big influence in the bands music thus far. As for 2016 Elephant Convoy is set to release two new singles New Years Day available exclusively here on The Kaya. New music to start the new year.

The band also has a few shows planned January 9th at the Palm Room with The Big Takeover  and January 22nd at Pirates Cove with Signal Fire. “ Reggae is on the Rise” and Elephant Convoy is certainly making that happen.


Taylor Fargnoli

Taylor is a reggae head and the founder of The Kaya Magazine. He has a strong desire to grow the reggae movement and promote conscious music.

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