Dreadtown: The Steel Pulse Story


There is a new documentary making waves, Dreadtown; a story about Steel Pulse's 40+ year career. The film will tell the untold story of Steel Pulse with rare, unseen video and interviews from band members past to present. Dreadtown will be narrated by actor Danny Glover and also include surprise guests that range from Rita Marley to Billy Idol.

This film is being made to help preserve the story of one of the greatest reggae bands of all time. It will make sure that this great legacy can be shared, untainted for current reggae fans; along with generations to come. The film has and Indiegogo account to fund the project. Contributions to the documentary are greatly appreciated and include one of a kind Steel Pulse memorabilia from Dreadtown t shirts to personal guitar lessons on skype from David Hinds. The campaign is in its final days, all contributions big and small can help Steel Pulse to reach the world once again.

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Taylor Fargnoli

Taylor is a reggae head and the founder of The Kaya Magazine. He has a strong desire to grow the reggae movement and promote conscious music.

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