Bridge The Gap: Sensamotion


Sensamotion is a roots reggae band, hailing from Atlantic City, New Jersey. The band has been a national supporting act for Fortunate Youth, Hirie, and Stranger.  They are on track to release a new album called "Over The Mountain". They will be headlining their first national tour late this spring. We were able to catch up with guitar player, Dylonius Dubs, to catch a few words of what they have been up to.


"My name is Dylonius Dubs I play guitar for SensaMotion. We're from Atlantic City New Jersey and we've been playing as a band for about 7 years accumulatively, and last year we broke into the nationally touring circuit with the help of our good friends Fortunate Youth. They brought us on both the Don't Think Twice Spring Tour with Hirie, as well as the Don't Think Twice Fall Tour with Stranger. It was our first time playing many new places across the country such as Texas, Colorado, and of course California. So with two national tours under our belt we decided it was time to bring new music to all the wonderful people we met along the way. We've spent the majority of the winter since we got back from tour in the studio working on our first full length album called Over The Mountain. The album will have 12 tracks that we feel truly express the range and diversity of our original songs, including a featured guest verse from David Stranger of Stranger Band, and a dub of the title track which was done by The Dub Architect. We're still finishing up the final touches but we are aiming for a release date on all major digital distributors such as iTunes, Spotify and Pandora at the end of April. At that time we also have our first national headlining tour lined up in support of the new album. (I'll attach the flyer with all the dates and cities) But we are basically spending a month on the road starting from New Jersey, going down through the Carolinas, Florida, across the southern route to Texas, with a couple stops in Colorado before we meet up with Fortunate Youth again in California right before Cali Roots!! So we're really excited about this coming year and to get some new music out to the people across the country. We are very grateful and appreciative of all the support we've gotten so far we wouldn't be here without it. Keep an eye out for Over The Mountain late in April, and because SensaMotion is coming to a town near you this year!"


Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel is the Director of Media here at The Kaya Mag. He spends hours on the road and writing new music as the drummer for the reggae band Elephant Convoy. As if that wasn't enough to keep him busy, he also is the founder of Operation Culture, an expressive outlet for music and art. He is committed to helping grow the reggae scene locally, regionally, and globally.

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