The Story


Created in 2014, the Kaya is the product of founder Taylor Fargnoli's passion for reggae music.


The idea for the grassroots reggae music outlet first came to Taylor after he attended the 5th annual California Roots festival in Monterey, California, where his experience at the festival not only solidified his love for reggae music but also established his understanding of the transformative power behind the tunes. "Experiencing a big, west coast festival like that really made it clear how powerful and unifying the messages and sounds of reggae music are. I believe the genre has the ability to help others examine the way they see the world and live their own lives," Taylor says.



Upon returning to the east coast, Taylor recognized the number of underground reggae artists producing quality music and the need to showcase and spread their talent. After collaborating with friends back home in Wilmington, North Carolina, The Kaya was launched in 2015 as an online platform for grassroots reggae music. The Kaya is dedicated to unifying reggae music by "bridging the gap" between reggae bands, artists, and DJs and their audiences, with its goal of making reggae music more accessible to music lovers from the west to the east Coast and beyond. Our mission is to give readers a deeper look into the bands they love while introducing them to music of the roots reggae/rock/dub style from all over the world.